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When it comes to residential garage doors there are what are known as "standard" garage door sizes. These are the sizes most commonly found in single-family homes, known as one-car or two-car garages.

And then there's "custom" garage door sizes. These are usually found in custom homes or detached garages that are built to store RVs, boats, or sometimes purely for aesthetic reasons.

Common Garage Door Sizes

Single Car Garage Door

  • 8' wide x 7' tall
  • 9' wide x 7' tall

Double Car Garage Door

  • 16' wide x 7' tall

What if your garage door isn't a "common" size?

If you're garage door isn't a common size, you might notice that garage door suppliers don't carry the size you. That means like have to make a custom order which usually takes a little longer and costs a little more than the common garage door sizes.

What other options do you have for your odd sized garage door?

If you don't like the options you have with your current custom-sized garage doors, you may want to look into reframing. This option will likely cost more up front but you will be able to choose from a wider selection of standard size doors.

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